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Accountants to up their game on cyber threats

With the threat of cyber attack on the increase, accountants and auditors should be aware of the need to manage cyber risks as part of their daily business operations. 

With cyber attacks an issue of national security, Australian businesses should be aware that the risk is increasing and business should be taking steps to ensure they adapt and put in place systems to cope with cyber crime.

Organisations should be purchasing security products that protect the business environment and provide the sophisticated protection required to combat cyber attacks.

Accounting firms should consider the following three things to protect their business from cyber attacks:


- Conduct a cyber security assessment on a continuous basis
- Take control of cyber security using preventive measures
- Build a security awareness into the company’s organisational culture

Businesses should be aware that people are the weakest link in cyber crime and the ability to educate staff about cyber risks is paramount to ensuring the highest level of security for the business. 

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