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Top tips to combat mental fatigue

Are you struggling under a mountain of work?

If you find you’re always tired and feel mentally drained at work, there are a few simple ways to combat mental fatigue.

Fuel up with the right food 
Rather than driving your body on coffee, focus on fuelling your system with water to keep hydrated as well as small and regular meals to ensure you are constantly boosting your diet with foods rich in slow-release vitamins and minerals that work to power your brain and keep you healthy. Ditch the sugar and caffeine for foods such as nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains and leafy greens.

Stand up at work
Believe it or not but standing on the job will boost attention and help your brain function. If you are struggling to hit your mental capacity, mix it up a little and either stand while you do work or get a few minutes of walking into your day to flush your system and increase your mental energy.

Consider a nap or a break during the day
Often a quick nap of only 20 minutes or at least a break can completely recharge your system and work to provide the refresh your brain needs to be productive and restore mental energy. Take a quick nap in the conference room or speak with your boss about setting up a break room so you can improve your performance and take some time out to recharge.

Head home on time
While you might think long hours in the office are productive, it can have the opposite effect. Focus on putting in place boundaries so you leave your office on time so you can decrease your stress levels and improve your sleep patterns.

The key to combating metal fatigue is to put in place strict boundaries that encourage your body to recharge and work your best. 

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