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How to set SMART goals and objectives for your business

If you're looking to start off your new financial year successfully within your business, there are some simple and effective goals and objectives you can create that will give you a clear direction of where you're going and keep the big picture in your mind. 

By creating 'SMART' goals and objectives, you can help your business to achieve financial goals. 

Here is a little more info on the acronym:

Specific - be clear about each goal and have a focus - what are you going to do?
Measurable - goals and objectives need to be measured to determine if they have been achieved - ensure your goal is quantifiable such as in dollars, percentages, averages etc.
Attainable - all of your objectives and goals need to be attainable and reachable so that you can achieve them and move on. 
Realistic - a good goal supports your business and skill base and doesn't need an investment of time and money that is not available. Set short and long term goals to ensure you are able to fit with your business.
Timely - give your goal a deadline so you can determine whether you are staying on track and motivated.

For more information about SMART goals, check out these great resources.

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