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Top tips for keeping up your energy at work 

Some days it's a challenge to keep your energy at work when you're powering through audits or energy zapping work that can make your brain feel like it needs a re-charge. 

Just like our phones often run out of batteries so too can your body and if you're looking to ensure you don't get burnt out or stressed in the workplace, here are a few simple ways to conserve your energy and ensure you are firing on all cylinders. 

1. Audit your daily work activities and find your energy drains

When you sit down and analyse your daily activities, there are bound to be pieces of your day that negatively affects your productivity and energy levels. Rather than working through lunch, take the time to step away from your desk and get some fresh air. Not only will you give yourself a zap of energy, you will also improve your emotional energy and you will feel more energised to get on with the second half of your day.

2. Take regular breaks throughout the day

To get the most out of your day, it's important to schedule rest to renew your energy. By breaking and scheduling periods of rest for your brain you will be able to ensure you preserve your energy and replenish so that you get the most out of your day. 

3. Stop worrying and stressing

Stress and worry are wasted emotional, mental and physical energy, and by worrying or stressing you are using up your energy when you could be using it for a more effective use. 

Avoid stress and anxiety by worrying less and focusing on mindfulness. By being aware, engaged and on task you will feel more grounded and improve your overall performance and wellbeing.

4. Do some deep breathing

Taking a few deep breaths can make a massive difference to your energy levels at work and can work to reduce stress and trigger your body's relaxation response. Focus on slow abdominal breathing when you feel your stress levels increase and encourage yourself to stop regularly for slow, deep breaths to calm your body and mind.

5. Focus on self-care as a priority

It's very common to worry about everyone's needs ahead of your own, and in the workplace, it is easy to expel all of your energy trying to please others - this can lead to burnout and even breakdown. 

Take care of yourself as a priority and take time out for self-care to ensure you have the energy levels you need to be a more productive you. 

Focusing on your energy levels at work and knowing the power of movement, breath and a little bit of time out can help to ensure you not only have high levels of productivity but you also get the most out of your day. Focus on taking care of your own needs first and foremost, reducing stress, taking time out from your work and deep breathing throughout your work day to ensure you optimise your workplace energy levels.

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