GovernmentAudits Of Federal, State & Local Government Agencies

SAAS Audit has substantial experience in the audit of Government entities. Government can span Federal, State and local government.

SAAS Audit is an approved provider of audit services to the Queensland Audit Office and have undertaken a variety of audit assignments in the public sector covering government departments, statutory bodies and agencies, and local government for over 15 years.

SAAS Audit Directors have also provided assurance services to government agencies in the area of grant acquittals, compliance and internal and operational audit.                 

Gary Smith has significant experience on Government audit committees. By example,  Gary was appointed Chair for the Queensland Ombudsman’s Audit Committee for a period of 4 years ending in 2013. Gary has also held senior financial and management roles in the public sector over a period spanning 20 years prior to entering public practice.

James Kenward, Director, has also a significant level in the audit of Government and related entities having been the lead auditor on assignments over a period spanning 5 years. James is now a Director of the Practice and is registered with the QAO in his own right.             

The majority of the entities are large reporting entities with full general purpose reporting. Our experience supports a strong knowledge of Government financial management and processes at all tiers of Government.

SAAS Audit's experience in the Government Audits field is significant and we would love to hear from any agencies Federal, State or Local in the Queensland region who would like to utilise our services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.